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Roofing Force Offers Metal, Concrete and Clay Barrel Tile Roofing Materials

Barrel Tile Roofing

Barrel tile offers a timeless natural earth tone look of old world Spanish or Italian tile. Fired clay is the original material for this roofing material and has been used in roofing for centuries. Today this specialized look can be obtained through a variety of modern materials including concrete and stone coated steel. Most Barrel Style roofs in the US are actually manufactured out of concrete but Roofing Force installation specialists are also leaders in clay barrel tile roof installations. The following is a comparison of different materials available in the Barrel Style roofing which Roofing Force of Kansas City and Missouri can install for you.  Our trained staff would be happy to discuss options with you. Give us a call at (913) 270-5667.

Clay / Terracotta Barrel Tile:

Clay, sometimes called terracotta, roofs are on some of the most beautiful buildings in the world.  Clay has an excellent 50+ year lifespan and is highly frost and fire-resistant. However, clay is generally regarded as being brittle and foot traffic should be held to a minimum, if at all. Clay can also be problematic in areas where large hailstones are common. Clay is also one of the heaviest and most expensive products on the market and may require additional framing.

Concrete Barrel Tile:

Concrete is the most popular and commonly used barrel tile that is used by those wanting the old world look of clay tile but at a lighter weight and less expensive cost. Concrete has a great 50+ year lifespan, is very energy efficient and has excellent fire and freeze resistance.  While generally stronger than clay, it can also be subject to breakage by large hailstones, and great caution should be used if it is walked upon. Roofing Force installs Boral Roofing concrete roof tiles.

Stone Coated Steel Barrel Tile:

Stone coated steel barrel tiles are less known in the market but offer terrific cost/benefit advantages over other materials. This metal core product has the look and other benefits of clay and concrete but without the added weight. It has an excellent 50+ year lifespan and delivers outstanding energy efficiencies. It is very fire, wind and ice dam resistant. Unlike clay and concrete, stone coated steel offers excellent hail resistance and provides added shear-strength against earthquakes.  Parts of stone coated steel roofs can be walked upon with care.  It is also less expensive than clay or concrete.  Roofing Force installs Boral Steel, Decra, and Varitile stone coated steel tiles. Click here for more information on Stone Coated Steel roofing.