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Roofing Solutions That Make Your Life Easy

Social Distancing & Virtual Appointments Available

Roofing Solutions That Make Your Life Easy

Social Distancing & Virtual Appointments Available





Metal Roofing Types

The two primary categories of metal roofing are Vertical Panel and Stone Coated Steel. Almost all metal roofing products are superior to traditional asphalt shingles and wood shake shingles. Some of the benefits include greater durability, longevity, energy efficiency, storm damage protection, and looks.  Roofing Force is an expert installer of all types of metal roofing products and we have installed thousands of metal roofs throughout Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Oklahoma and Arkansas. 

Vertical Panel - Corrugated, R-Panel and Standing Seam Metal Roofing

When most people think of metal roofing, they usually think of metal panels that run vertically from the top to the bottom of the roof.  The styles of vertical panel roofing run from Industrial Corrugated Sheet Metal panels (like what is seen on some barns and industrial buildings), to the more clean and modern look of Standing Seam panels. Homes in residential neighborhoods with metal roofs most likely have the Standing Seam variety. Standing Seam roofs are perfect for certain types of Contemporary, Country, or Key West style houses. Vertical Panels are available in almost any color. (i.e. more color options than you'll find with composite/asphalt shingles). Click here for more info on Vertical Metal Panel Roofing

Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Stone Coated Metal is manufactured to look like regular asphalt shingle, wood shake, or clay tile products, but it has a much stronger and durable steel core. Roofing Force is a Factory Approved installer of Boral Steel (formerly Gerard) roofing systems, the world's pioneer of stone coated metal roofing systems. We also install Decra and Varitile stone coated steel products. Roofing Force offers the highest levels of beauty, strength and energy savings, available in a wide range of popular profiles. Our stone coated metal roofing systems are manufactured from 26-gauge galvanized stamped steel panels, with poured on acrylic and stone chipped coatings, in a full range of natural eye-catching colors. This metal roofing material offers the best protection from all types of weather. Click here for more information on Stone Coated Steel Roofing. Or give us a call at (913) 270-5667 to see product literature and schedule a free quote.