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Roofing Insurance Claims. Coverage & Deductibles.

Roofing Insurance Claims

Whenever you experience roof damage you can file a roof repair or replacement claim with your homeowner's insurance company. From falling hail, to tree debris, if your roof sustained damage, then filing an insurance claim may result in an entire roof replacement (both material and labor costs), after meeting your deductible.  

This may also be a great opportunity to upgrade the roofing products you choose to put on your roof at a much lower cost than doing it all on your own. Roofing Force sells and is one of the nations largest installers of stone coated metal roofing - a roofing material that may reduce your insurance costs, and offer you peace of mind by providing superior protection against nature's harshest elements.  We also offer a full range of composite, concrete and other metal roofing products that can provide your home with better protection, looks and resale value than traditional asphalt shingles.

Filing a roofing Insurance claim after a storm could pay for your total roof replacement, or for a pro-rated portion of the materils cost. Ether way it's worth filing if you have experienced damage to your roof. Please contact the experts at Roofing Force to help you with the insurance claim process and replacement product selection.

How to file a Roof Insurance claim

Review your building insurance policy. Contact your building insurance broker to start the process. Our professionals are happy to help with the entire process, and will provide you with a replacement quote for your insurance provider.  

Insurance Coverage & Deductables

Insurance coverages and deductable range greatly. Please check with your policy and broker regarding your specific coverage.