Your roof is first line of defense to protect your building against the brunt of mother nature's destructive forces, day in and day out. Today, sustainability is not only about lowering our impact on the environment, it is about security, and preserving your home value and wealth.

A roofs remaining lifetime and replacement costs are one of the first and biggest points of negotition in a property sale. Our Roofing Lifecycle Calculator potentially reflects part of your increased property value you can negotiate at the time of sale or property valuation.

Peace of mind, improved safety and property value, immediate energy savings, and minimizing your environmental impact are only some of the benefits and savings you will enjoy when choosing a Composite Roofing roof against an asphalt composition shingle roof.

Be sure and contact your roofing contractor for a free estimate and explanation of all roofing charges.

Roofing Materials Lifecycle Cost Calculator

Roof Size:
Square Feet |
Average Annual Inflation Rate:
Composite Roofing Quote:
with a lifetime service of
years until replacement
Asphalt Shingle Quote:
with a lifetime service of
years until replacement
Include My Annual Electricity Cost Savings :
Include My Annual Insurance Cost Savings :

Disclaimer: Roofing costs can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors which can include geographical area; type of product being installed; type of underlayment being used; and complication details which include roof pitch, the number of hips, valleys and dormers; repairs to roof deck caused by the previous roofing system; 2nd or 3rd story installations; and the removal and installation based on the crews ability to access the roof.

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