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Hail Storm Damaged Roof?

Get A Comprehensive Hail Storm Damage Roofing Inspection

Hail or Storm Damaged Roof?

Roofing Force is a storm damage and insurance specialist. Storms and hail damage many roofs throughout the midwest every year. From St Louis, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas to Arkansas our experienced roofing professionals will conduct an indepth roof inspection and work with your insurance company to recover storm damaged roofing costs for you in full or for a pro-rated portion of your roofing damage. Contact our Roofing Force professionals for a comprehensive storm damage roof inspection and roof repair quote and to determine if you have a viable roof insurance claim. We fight for you and can somtimes get you a better roof than the one you started with.

Do This Immediately After a Hail Storm

Document the time and size of the hailstones. Take a photo of the largest hailstones you can find size against a ruler if possible. Documenting the size of hailstones helpd in accurately determining roof damage that may not be immediately visible.   
Call your insurance provider and inform them of the storm and potential roof damage. Asphalt composite shingles usually sustain damage during hail storms that affects the material lifespan of the roof. This is usually covered by most insurance companies. 

Want to File A Roofing Insurance Claim?

If you have homeowners insurance, then storm damage to your roof should be covered, and Roofing Force professionals are able to assist you. Click here to read about filing an insurance claim.