Roofing Force Is Ready To Serve All Of Your Residential Roofing Needs Including:

  • Reroofing & Roof Replacement
  • Roof Repair
  • New Construction Roofing
  • Storm Damage Recovery

Most residential roofing systems can be categorized into 5 general looks or styles:

The materials used for each of these styles have changed significantly over the past few decades. While some “natural materials” such as wood shake, clay, and stone slate are still sometimes used, new technologies have replaced many of these traditional materials. These state-of-the art materials include stone coated steel (and other metal roofing), concrete, and polymer (synthetic or resin) materials that provide the look and benefits of natural materials at a lower cost and without the drawbacks that are inherent to natural materials.

Likewise, “asphalt shingles” have changed from the days basic 3-tab shingles that only lasted for 8-15 years to modern composition shingles that may last 25+ years with proper maintenance and under ideal weather conditions. Note that metal, concrete, and polymer materials last significantly longer than any asphalt/composition shingles.

Visit our roofing materials comparison page for more information.

Many roofs in the Midwest are replaced before their natural lifetime due to storm damage. Roofing Force is a storm damage restoration expert and will help you with the insurance claims process.

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