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Roofing Products Comparison

One of the worst decisions a property owner can make when facing a roofing need is to choose the wrong product and/or the wrong roofing contractor. It is important that both choices are carefully considered before making a final decision. Roofing Force® has installed all types of roofing systems at over 3,000 homes in the Kansas and Missouri markets.  

Most homes in America are roofed with asphalt shingles. While asphalt is a good roofing system, there are many other state-of-the-art roofing products to choose from. Many of these products offer greater curb appeal with increased home value while providing stronger protection and energy savings.  We understand that choosing the best roof for your circumstances can be challenging. Let one of our professional roofing specialists help. Contact us today for more information. 


 Roofing  Material     Stone Coated Steel      Steel core product that looks like Shake, Tile or Shingle.            Composite             Synthetic Polymer product that looks like Slate or Shake.       Asphalt Shingles      Architectural Shingles.          Concrete            Manufactured product that looks like Tile, Slate and Shake.           Metal Panel            Standing Seam & other vertical metal panels.
Manufacturer Boral (Gerard) / Decra / Varitile DaVinci / Inspire GAF / Owens Corning / Tamco / Malarky Boral Various
Curb Appeal / Aesthetics Excellent - Much better look than standard shingles. Excellent - Looks like the real thing. Good - Greatest variety of colors. Excellent - Looks like the real thing. Excellent - Specific look. Paint may eventually fade.
Lifespan 50+ Years 50+ Years 15-25 Years 50+ Years 50+ Years
Installed Price $6.50-9.50/sq-ft $6.50-10.50/sq-ft $2.75-6.50/sq-ft $5.00-9.00/sq-ft $4.50-9.00/sq-ft
Energy Efficiency Excellent Excellent Moderate Excellent Excellent
Hail Resistance Excellent Excellent Moderate - Often has to be replaced after a large hail storm. Moderate - May be subject to breakage in high hail impact areas. Good - denting may be more visible
Wind Resistance Excellent Excellent Moderate Good Excellent
Fire Resistance Excellent Excellent - Depending on system. Moderate Good Excellent
Freeze/Thaw - Ice Dam Resistant Excellent Excellent Moderate Good Excellent
Earthquake Excellent - Provides added Shear Strength. Excellent Good Poor Excellent
Maintenance Required Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Weight Excellent - 1.5 lbs./sq-ft. Excellent - 2.5-3.7 lbs./sq-ft. Good - 3-4 lbs./sq-ft. Poor - 6-15 lbs./sq-ft. Excellent - 0.7-1.5 lbs./sq-ft.
Walkability Moderate - Edges can be walked on but should be done with caution. Good - Can be slippery. Excellent Poor Good - Can be slippery.
Points To Consider One of the best products on the market. Great looking at a fraction of the price and weight of real Slate/Shake. Lowest cost but will need to be replaced the most often. May require reinforced framing. Better when thicker product is used (22 ga).

Three-Tab Asphalt Shingles, and Traditional Tile, Slate and Wood Shake products were excluded from this comparison due to the superior cost/benefit advantages of modern roofing products.  However, we aim to please all customers, and we are happy to install real wood shake, and traditional tile and slate products according to the customer's needs. 

* Chart provides general comparison information. Refer to manufacturer literature and warranties for more complete information.