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Roofing Force Offers Metal, Concrete, Composite and Wood Shake Roofing Materials 

Wood Shake

Real wood shake shingles have been used on homes for a very long time but they do not hold up as well as modern roofing products, and pose a fire hazard. Thus real wood shakes have declined in popularity over the past several decades, and today many insurance companies will not insure buildings with real wood shake roofing. Homeowners still can obtain this same timeless look through a variety of state-of-the-art stone coated steel, composite, and concrete products that last much longer and have a lot of other benefits over wood shakes.  Our roofing experts will help you find the right product with the right look for your home.  

Composite Shake

Poly composite roofing perfectly replicates the textures of weathered shake roofing, but it will not rot, crack, split or warp, and does not need wood’s chemical upkeep.  Charming colors and subtle shade variations create an inviting, authentic look in every piece. Additional processes in the installation of our poly composite roofing mitigates fire risk. Thus, it fits harmoniously into communities that prohibit wood shake roofing or require a Class A fire rated roofing.  Roofing Force installs DaVinci shake.

Concrete Shake

The most common Shake Style roofs in Southern states are made from concrete. Our standard concrete shake roofing offers the look of traditional heavy hand-split cedar shakes, molded to deliver a true realistic wood appearance. Unlike natural wood shakes, concrete shake roofing is Class A fire-rated and in this environment will significantly outlast most any other shake style roofing products.  However, this product can be heavy and may require reinforced roofing.  Roofing Force installs Boral Roofing concrete shake. 

Stone Coated Steel Shake

The most practical and durable shake style roofing Is stone coated steel shake. Roofing Force installers are factory trained Boral Steel Roofing installers - the world's leading manufacturer of stone coated steel roofing.  Boral Steel roofing is a dry-under deck roofing system delivering increased beauty, durability and energy efficiencies, and eliminating most future repair maintenance costs.  This product does not burn and has become a preferred alternative in areas prohibiting natural shake roofs.