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Roofing Force Offers Metal, Concrete, And Composite Roofing Materials In A Wood Shake Look 

Wood Shake Style

Real wood shake shingles have been used on homes for a very long time but they do not hold up as well as modern roofing products, are easily destroyed by hailstones, and pose a fire hazard. Thus, real wood shakes have declined in popularity over the past several decades, and today, many insurance companies will not insure buildings with real wood shake roofing. However, homeowners still can obtain this same timeless look through a variety of state-of-the-art stone coated steel, composite, and concrete products. Nevertheless, we aim to please, and we can install real wood shakes according to a customer's need. Our roofing experts in Kansas and Missouri are happy to help you find the right product with the right look for your home. Give us a call today at (913) 270-5667.

Composite Shake

This synthetic polymer composite material perfectly replicates the colors and textures of weathered shake roofing, but it will not rot, crack, split or warp, and does not need wood’s chemical upkeep. This product has excellent energy efficiencies, and fantastic excellent hail, wind, fire, ice dam and earthquake resistances.  Although it is one of the more expensive options, it is also one of the best looking alternatives. Roofing Force installs DaVinci and Inspire composite shake shingles.

Concrete Shake

Roofing Force offers a number fantastic looking concrete and lightweight concrete shake products.  These products have an excellent lifespan and provide great energy efficiency and good wind fire and ice dam resistances.  However, these products can be heavy and may require reinforced framing. Concrete may not be as good as other alternatives in high hail impact areas or be as good as other products in an earthquake.  Also, great caution needs to be made to prevent breakage and slippage when walked on. Roofing Force installs Boral Roofing concrete shake. 

Stone Coated Steel Shake

The most practical and durable shake style roofing is stone coated steel shake. These great looking, modern products are very lightweight, have an excellent lifespan and fantastic hail, wind, fire, ice dam and earthquake resistances. However, only the edges of the tiles should be walked upon. Roofing Force installs stone coated steel made by Boral, Decra and Varitile. Click here for more information on Stone Coated Steel roofing.