Roof Repairs

Understanding The Importance Of Addressing Roof Leaks

You’re a responsible homeowner, which means your “honey do’s” seems like they will never end. There’s always something to update, renovate, repair, or maintain.

Your roof is no exception to this. Even though high-quality roofs can last multiple decades, there will still be maintenance and normal wear on the roof.

A leaky roof can show up in many different ways. You may notice a stream of water falling from the ceiling or you might notice a leak trickling from a light fixture. Sometimes the only evidence of a leak in your home’s roof is a stain on the ceiling or wall. These discolorations are obvious evidence of water damage. Typically you’ll notice water damage during/after storms, precipitation, or melting snow.

When a roof leak is not addressed, it can lead to a number of issues for homeowners. One of the most serious issues is the threat of mold and mildew. Mold spreads quickly and can lead to serious health issues. Untreated leaks can be a fire hazard, which can lead to shorting out electrical wires and can even cause issues to the structural integrity of your home. Insurance companies will usually cover storm related damage such as hail and wind damage. However, insurance companies expect you to maintain your roof and they will not usually cover damage resulting from regular wear and tear.

If you discover you have a leaky roof, contact Roofing Force immediately. Do your best to safely locate the source of the leak. This information will help us locate and fix the problem efficiently.

Keep in mind, the longer you let a leaky roof cause damage, the more money it will cost you in the future. To keep your property value at its highest potential and your home’s air quality good, make sure you take even the smallest roof leak seriously.


Need help, do you have a roof leak?  If you are looking for a “Top Notch” roofing company contact Roofing Force today for a no obligation estimate.

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