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What to Expect During Your Roof Inspection & Estimate Appointment

The expert Roofing Specialists at Roofing Force have been trained to provide customers with an outstanding experience.

One of our highly trained Roofing Specialists will arrive at your inspection and estimate meeting ready to answer your questions and explain how we can take care of your roofing or storm damage problems.

He will, if possible, obtain a satellite image and measurement of your roof and prepare rough estimates of different roofing materials before coming to your home.

After your Roofing Specialist arrives at your home, he will inspect your roof and see if there are any items that the satellite may have missed such as storm damage, rotten wood, layers of asphalt, the number/type/adequacy of roofing vents, etc. Then, he will sit down with you and show you samples of different products, materials, colors, warranties and see if you have any additional restoration needs. He will finalize an estimate or estimates based on your choices on the spot. We don’t want customers to wait days or weeks for a quote. Occasionally, we will need to schedule a follow-up meeting to review estimates at a later date if there is an unusual problem or situation.

The exterior inspection should take 5-20 minutes depending on the size, complexity, and steepness of the roof. Your Roofing Specialist will also take photos of any storm damage for your insurance company. After the inspection, the sit down process with you takes about 45 minutes.

Everyone involved in making decisions needs to be at the appointment because different materials, styles and colors could change the price significantly.

The process is a little different if your Roofing Specialist finds storm damage. If he finds storm damage, then he will provide you with information that you can give to your insurance company to begin the claims process, and he will ask you to sign a form that allows us to talk with your insurance company directly.

Also, if you have storm damage then you may want to take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to use your insurance proceeds to help cover the expense of upgrading your roof to a lifetime roof. One of the reasons our insurance claim customers love us so much is because we offer upgrades that most other roofing companies do not have the ability or expertise to install.

Please review Roofing Force’s Material Comparisons page and our Gallery to see examples of traditional asphalt shingles as well as advanced materials that look better, last longer, are more energy efficient and provide more protection from the elements than traditional roofing materials. Roofing Force services customers in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska and Iowa. Give our headquarters a call at (913) 270-5440 and we will direct you to one of our professionals in your area.



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