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Choose from A Full Range of Roofing Materials IN KANSAS CITY. 

We sell and install a full range of roofing materials, from asphalt to synthetic and metal. Whether you are looking for an economical metal roof or you are roofing an historic architectural building, we will help you choose and install the best roofing solution. Asphalt Shingles offer the fastest installation and lowest cost. Concrete, Stone Coated Steel, Metal, and Composite Slate and Shake offer superior durability and looks.

Traditional wood shake roofing can be a fire hazard, and has a short life expectancy in southern climates and in hailstorm areas. Roofing Force offers a range of realistic state-of-the-art shake style roofing alternatives.


Boral offers a number fantastic looking concrete and lightweight concrete shake products.  These products cost $5.00-9.00/sq-ft, have an excellent lifespan and energy efficency and good wind fire and ice dam resistance.  However, these products can be heavy and may require reinforced framing.  They may not be as good as other alternatives in high hail impact areas or be as good as other products in an earthquake.  Also, great caution needs to be made to prevent breakage and slippage when walked on.


This synthetic polymer material made by DaVinci and Inspire perfectly replicates the texture of weathered shake roofing. These products cost about $6.50-10.50/sq-ft.  They have excellent energy efficiency, and excellent hail, wind, fire, ice dam and earthquake resistance.  Although one of the more expensive options, it is also one of the best looking alternatives.


Stone Coated Steel made by Boral, Decra and Varitile is an outstanding looking product. The cost of these products range from about $6.50-8.50/sq-ft.  These modern products are very lightweight, have an excelent lifespan and excellent hail, wind, fire, ice dam and earthquake resistance.  Only the edges of the tiles should be walked upon.

Barrel tile is a staple in Spanish American architecture offering timeless traditional looks. Our roofing crews are experienced in all types of barrel tile roofing.


Concrete is the most popular and commonly used Barrel tile roofing product on most homes. Their popularity is growing all the time thanks to their aesthetic appeal, local production availability, cost, and durability.


If you want upscale looks without the downsides of traditional clay or concrete tile, look to our stone-coated metal Barrel Vault profile by Boral Steel, which blends exquisite beauty with energy savings, and an end to costly roof repair and replacement costs.

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Panel Metal roofing is growing in popularity due to its aesthetic appeal, low maintenance and lifespan. Our professional roofing crews are experienced and accredited in the installation of a large range of metal roofing types, and installation methods.


Houses in most neighborhood with metal looking roofs most likely are of the standing seam variety. Continuous panels run from the ridge of the roof all the way down to the eaves. Between the panels are seams connected by fasteners which are raised above the level of the metal roofing.  This is where we get the term standing seam, because the seam is raised or standing, as opposed to flush-mounted. Standing seam roofs are perfect for certain types of Contemporary, Country, or Key West style houses. The material is available in an array of gray, brown, forest green, and earthy red colors - more color options than you'll find with most other roof systems. 

The cost of Metal Panels is about $4.50-9.00/sq/ft.  It has an excellent lifespan, is very energy efficient, and has excellent wind, fire, ice dam, and earthquake resistance.  Metal is very tough--but it's not impervious to all hazards.  The sheet metal in this type of roofing can sometimes be penetrated by heavy falling limbs or dented by a severe hailstorm.




The most cost effective sloped roof covering has always been asphalt shingle roofing products - they adapt well in most environments with their sealing characteristics, and their ability to shed water quickly. The only maintenance is that they be kept clean of debris buildups like a large collection of leaves in the valley troughs. Asphalt shingles have become the number one roofing product for residential homes, and we offer colors and design appearances to match every style of architecture and every color scheme.


If you want the ultimate protection from a granulated roof covering, we also a factory certified of Boral's stone coated galvanized metal shingles. Metal shingles are lighter in weight and deliver the ultimate in protection against wind, fire, rain and sun exposure. 

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