Essential Businesses Stay Open During COVID-19 Restrictions


We are here for you during COVID-19. Roofing Force is considered an “Essential Business” that provides “Essential Infrastructure” services and remains open during the current COVID-19 state of emergency. Rest assured that your safety and the safety of our employees is our top priority. Roofing Force employees are following CDC and OSHA COVID-19 Guidance Procedures. Accordingly, in areas where mandated, and to the greatest extent possible, our staff will not have any in-person contact with customers. Communications with customers and the conveying of documents and payments may be conducted via mail, phone, email or other electronic methods. Roof measurements will be obtained via satellite or drone when possible.

Fortunately, most of our work is performed to the exterior of your home or business where almost no customer contact is necessary. In mandated areas, or when requested by customers, when we do come to your home or business, we will let you know via phone or text when we are coming and when we are leaving instead of knocking on your door. Furthermore, all employees have been instructed to maintain “Social Distancing Requirements” and we ask that you follow Social Distancing procedures with any of our staff. These safety precautions will continue as long as necessary, and we invite you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

We appreciate your business and support during these difficult times, and we will continue to do everything possible to protect your family, home and business.

Rick Davis, President

Roofing Force

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